Music over Waters

In our family we are used to communicating over waters, across the oceans. Our Cousinage messenger group lives on four continents. For an interpretation of „Music on the Waters“, my cousin Anna Lena in Munich did the graphic design. I asked my poetic brother Harro in Brisbane, Australia, to write some lyrics. Our multi-talented cousin in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico, interpreted Jonathan Dove´s song on her instrument. 

Katja plays the musical saw. An instrument with such an eerie, ethereal sound, that I simply had to ask David – cousin with close contact to the underwater world – to deliver some submarine videos. On his beautiful Mafia Island off Tanzania he went diving. For our project he managed to film one of the largest and most peaceful creatures of the sea.  

I, Stephanie, am the oldest of the Cousinage, always trying to keep the family in contact. Being slowed down by COVID restrictions  in my usually busy reporter life in Hannover, I now had the time herding the Cousinage together for this project, as well as doing the singing and the editing.  

Have fun watching our family project „Music over Waters“

Harros Music over Waters Lyrics

Let it begin, anew.
In the beginning there was breath, a feeling into the air.
And in a delight, it branched through the aeolas,
touching into the very fibre of being through the branches of a warm and powerful blood.
It guided the movement of any-body and there: at times roaring, at times silent and still, the ghosts in the tissue took to their path in this grandest, eternal flow.
And like ink through time, as a colorful garland woven through the fabric of the whole, it dabs its note into being with the completeness of all there is and does and steers,
this very thin fabric of our apparent reality.
This one, unlike the virtual, is in the Real I T: our real estate of sovereign being, unfettered by the dictates of hers and his story. It surges and utters through my stuttering mind
I AM in all, in awe of this stupendous being, through the crystal liquid of the never ending flow,
I AM re-minded by the mysteries of water and her gorgeous, encompassing reach.
Seen in physicality through all that moves: the flow of water and its’ gurgling echoes into an air that envelops all that lives on this hallowed, sacred ground:
beyond the reach of story and endless story, beyond the beginning of time,
it begins now.

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Katja   –  instagram: dulcepeligropan

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There are 4 comments on Music over Waters

  • Mein Favorit ist die singende Säge. Dieser Sound ist einfach irre. Schön, daß Ihr Euch weltweit verbunden habt, für dieses cousinage Gesamtkunstwerk. Für die Lyrics brauche ich Zeit, sie zu verstehen …

  • Beruehrendes Netz an Familie, Klang und Bildern. Danke!

  • Wow, so far away and still connected! Congratulations! Thanks to the digital opportunities in this time! Next project- travel around the world an meet you!!

  • This is such an impressive, beautiful, heartfelt contribution… and really captured so many aspects of what we hoped this water project would encompass: fluidity of borders, the connecting aspect of water, wanderlust, diving, boating, and so much more!